Integrated and Transitions of Care

We understand some members have special needs. In those cases, Trillium offers our members care management services to assist our members with special healthcare needs. If you have special healthcare needs or you have a disability,

Care Management may be able to help you. Our care managers are nurses or social workers. They can help you understand major health problems and arrange care with your providers.

A care manager will work with you and your provider to help you get the care you need. This service is not only for members who have complex medical conditions, but also for any member who wishes to have a care manager. These members often see several providers. They may need medical supplies or help at home.

Conditions may include:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Kidney or renal disease
  • Organ transplant
  • Diabetes

Our care managers are nurses or social workers that can help members understand their health problems. Our nurses work with members and their providers to help them get the care they need. The nurse can set up home health or other needed services. Member Services can give you more information about care management services. Call Member Services and ask you can ask to speak to a care manager. 

Please continue to be actively engaged and participating in the care coordination process by:

  • Answering calls from your care manager.
  • Participating in the treatment plan.
  • Attending all appointments. 

If you have questions please, contact Member Services.

If you have questions please, contact Member Services.